Neuroprotective Developmental Care

Neuroprotective Developmental Care or ‘the Possum’s programs’ offers an evidence-based revolution in baby and toddler care. It uses the latest research in the field of child and infant health to help manage breastfeeding difficulties; provides sleep support that is responsive, doesn’t involve sleep training and works with your child’s biology; and helps to untangle cry/ fuss behaviours that so many of our families struggle with. The aim of the NDC approach is to grow joy in early life.

Let’s work together to nurture your family.

Kirstie Selby is a highly qualified osteopath from New Zealand, specialising in paediatrics with a strong emphasis on evidence-based care. She places great importance on developing empathetic relationships with her patients, valuing connection and attachment as crucial elements of familial interaction. Her areas of particular interest include working with infants and their families during the early stages of life, especially sleep support and debunking myths about infant sleep.

Kirstie operates from the Hamilton North and Hamilton East clinics, where she provides her expertise to patients in person. Additionally, she also offers telehealth consultations to patients across New Zealand.

Furthermore, Kirstie serves as a board member and practitioner for the Osteopathic Children’s Foundation, which offers complimentary osteopathic care to children and their families. Her altruistic commitment to community healthcare underlies her dedication and passion for her profession.

Possums appointments at Connect Health

Our Baby Wellbeing Consultation provides a comprehensive healthcare service for babies. It encompasses sleep consultation, breastfeeding assistance, feeding support, and help with crying/distress.

This can be booked as a one-off consultation, or for best results we recommend combining it together with our Baby Wellness Package.

This includes:
- Your initial Baby Wellness consultation
- A Baby Wellness follow-up appointment
- An Osteopathic assessment/treatment for your baby

Kirstie is currently on maternity leave, however, she is still doing NDC consults online.
Please call the clinic for more information

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