Connect Health offers treatment for patients of all ages, across three convenient Hamilton locations and another in Raglan.

Osteopathy works on a wide variety of injuries and health issues – back and neck pain, joint pain, digestive complaints, headache and migraines, just to name a few.

Rather than just treating the symptoms in a single problem area, Osteopathy approaches the body as a whole unit. If you have a problem in one area, it will have a widespread effect. We look for the underlying issues and identify exactly what’s causing the trouble.

This not only helps deal with pain and movement issues, but it also helps improve the functioning of your whole body, allowing greater recovery from long-term problems and fewer recurrences of short-term ones.

Osteopathy is gentle and non-invasive. Everyone’s body is different, and so is everyone’s path to injury resolution, so your treatment will be tailored just for you.

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