Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Damage to supporting ligaments and weakness of the pelvic floor muscles may cause the bladder, uterus or rectum to bulge downward into the vagina. A rectal prolapse is when the lining of the rectum bulges down towards the anal canal and sometimes will protrude through the anus.

Research shows that mild to moderate pelvic organ prolapse responds very well to conservative treatment, and best practice is that physiotherapy/ pelvic floor strengthening programs should be the first approach before considering surgery.

Pelvic floor muscle training, understanding good bladder and bowel habits, learning the correct position for passing a bowel motion, and understanding the importance of pelvic floor safe exercising will help treat urinary leakage and prevent the prolapse from worsening.

In some cases medical devices can be useful as part of the conservative management of your prolapse, enabling you to enjoy your day to day activities with your family and friends. These will be discussed during your sessions with your pelvic health physiotherapist, and where necessary, a referral made to a gynaecologist.

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