Carine Dougherty


Integrated Masters in Osteopathy MOst. ( European School of Osteopathy - UK)  

What I do in a nutshell

I try and identify where the system is struggling to find optimal health. Looking at the body in a holistic manner considering all aspects and how it affects and influences one another. Working with a variety of different treatment modalities, from visceral to functional, to structural. I tailor my treatments to my patients' needs and refer onwards where necessary. 

 Areas of interest

  • Paediatrics 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Working with post-operative scar tissue of any kind, to restore elasticity in the tissues affected and prevent long-term issues. (Never too late to work on these! Keyhole surgery - C-sections etc.) 
  • Working with Trauma in all forms and how it affects the system
  • Working with resolved fractures to restore flexibility in the bone and or joints, to aid with return to activity. 
  • Gut and Visceral Mobility and it’s effect on the musculoskeletal system. 
  • Woman health

When I am not at Connect Health Clinic,

I'm spending time with my family, going on climbing adventures, studying, and helping out as a teaching assistant for the Barral Institute.

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Carine Dougherty

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